Hi, I am Praise. Welcome to my first blog post

I can’t wait to get to know you as I share about me. So drop a comment below.

I love playing my guitar, making books, playing basketball, and drawing. All of these are part of my blog! I will share videos of my drawing, my daily life, baking, and funny clips. All of these in my blog! Isn’t that cool!
I’m so glad you came to my blog. If you want to learn how to raise cham-pion kids, go to champriser.com.
If you are a teen and want to prepare for college properly go to “Fa-voured life” on YouTube.
By the way, most of my blog will be about my book! It’s on Ingram spark, Amazon, and your local library! Best of all, it is an e-book too! You can turn a page with just a click be sure to get my book! ( psst! 😬 I forgot to tell you! The book’s name is: Big Little Wonders A collection of never told before adventures be sure to write it down!).

Now drop me a note below and tell me your name, your email address, and what you like most to do.

Praise B.

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